Liborism moves in a continuous present and adapts to any situation.That adaptability, that liquid quality that helps the community to survive and remain united, is why we have built a liquid film with its own time that develops just like myths, with great ellipses that condition its plot progress.

It has a fragmented and episodic structure.

Stories within stories. Pieces of subjectivity that follows the rhizomatic and disorderly form that we use in the Caribbean to speak, to build ideas, and to tell stories.

A polyhedral portrait of the community in which all the pieces are needed to reach the final image.


We believe that the myth is a chest where some pieces of the collective memory are kept as if they were jewels.A river in which history flows and mixed with the dreams and desires of those who lived it so that others can relive them whenever the need exists.

That is why we have assembled this altarpiece of seven figures, lit a candle, and practiced this ritual, cause we feel that Liborio is more and more necessary, and therefore, more and more alive.